Fall Mini Sessions!

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Come sign up for fall mini sessions!

This year's session will take place on October 24 and 25th. The first day will be at Helena Amphitheatre park, and the second day will be at Railroad park. Enjoy some fun, relaxed portraits with your family. 20 minutes will get you 20 or more images with a print release mailed to your door on CD, in time for Christmas cards!

The best part is, 100% of the profits go to Grace Klein Community.  They do so much awesome stuff that I find myself having a hard time summarizing what they do when I've told people about the fundraiser. They share all they have.. their "give and take room" is free for anyone who needs, chock-full-o clothes and goods that would rival any thrift store. They feed families with meals, make food boxes for churches, encourage and love on everyone they meet, and raise chickens and have a community garden! And I haven't mentioned partnering with international orphanages, raising money for local friends' needs... and so much more. Your money will go to one of the most resourceful group of people I've ever met, who put every dime to use for the good of others and keep administrative costs to a minimum. The best way to summarize Grace Klein is... well... "awesome".

There are only 3 slots left for minis, so sign up soon. $100 is the suggested donation-- it's just a number I put out there. I hope someone may be led to give more, while others may be able to give less--every donation will be loved and accepted. I hope to see you there!

Around House

August 07, 2015  •  1 Comment

I've read lots of other blogs where people share wonderfully beautiful photos of their day-to-day life: children running through a flowery backyard; raising chickens; knitting an afghan. My life isn't nearly so colorful or lovely (and my apartment not nearly so nicely-lit) but I thought I'd do my own version and enjoy my new 35mm f/1.4L dream lens. :)

There's a wonderful organization in my town called the Grace Klein Community. They are loving, generous, kind-hearted people that would do anything for anyone in the community. I had the opportunity to volunteer with them on Tuesday and help sort food for food donations. They donate food boxes. They have a veritable thrift-store of items they share, or donate, or trade with anyone. They support local churches and grow vegetables and chickens to help feed families. They love on people and even people who don't need or deserve it (like me..). With an overwhelming amount of day-old bread that they couldn't donate, volunteers took loaves home. They also practically forced a homegrown squash and pepper on me that I ate for dinner and were utterly delicious.

{Making bread pudding from stale bread chunks}

Various wine corks over the year that my husband and I have collected (obviously we're not big wine drinkers :-P) I've never been one for wine-themed decor but it just seems like a fun way to fill my pretty apothecary jar and it tells a story, in a way.

Cleaning out files.

A beautiful old quilt from a dear friend. I love, love old quilts and they're always a perfect backdrop for picnic-style shoots <3

"Swedish dish cloth". What?? It's a very thin towel-like sponge that dries hard but gets soft and scrubby when wet. And it has an owl on it.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender soap. I try to be economical and don't usually buy the name-brand soap that's all-natural-organicified grass-fed whatever...but I fell in love with the scent at the airbnb in Minneapolis and decided to splurge.

Pretty colorful wrap that belonged to my mom. <3 it.


And that's all for now :)


Nev & Andrew: a small turkish-heritage wedding

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In November, I got the chance to second-shoot for the awesome Kelsey Freeman Photography! This was a really fun experience, and the wedding was a wonderful and small family affair.

The couple are both teachers at UAB and had their photos taken at Railroad Park, with the ceremony and reception at the Red Cat in Birmingham. We spent a little time at their cute SouthSide home before heading to the park, where Nev's family had made genuine turkish delight and baklava. Are you KIDDING ME?!? It was awesome. They had close friends and family for the pictures, and then headed to the celebrations at the Red Cat (which was an awesome and unique venue choice btw!). They mingled for a bit and then turned to the stage for the impromptu ceremony. It was such a great and simple, laid back way to do a wedding.

Nev and her family had cute guestbook "worksheets" with questions to ask the guests and even a place for them to draw pictures of the couple (WISH I had done this at my wedding!) and home-made turkish evil eye pendants. And, can I just say this is one of the most gorgeous brides I've ever seen? Such a natural beauty. Andrew wore his fathers' and grandfathers' tux, watch, and cuff links - down to the last detail, this wedding included so many mementos and family touches. Enjoy!


Hannah & Lane: a couple's shoot

May 19, 2015  •  1 Comment

Okay, I know you think I have to say that this was "one of my favorite portrait sessions ever," but, no really, this was one of the best portrait sessions ever.

Hannah asked me to take portraits of her and her husband "before he cuts off that gorgeous hair and goes back into the Service." We picked the Botanical Gardens and? Perfecto. Truthfully, I was nervous because I thought the gardens might not give us any creative locations to use since they're so popular; I've actually never done a session there (I regret this now!)

But the fact is, they're just utterly gorgeous, and we only used about 1/10 of what was available to us. We got 3-4 awesome spots and banged the whole thing out in 45 minutes. They are the perfect combo of sweet and bubbly and made quick and easy work of it...

The other truth is, I don't really know Lane that well, and I was super nervous.
Like, sick to my stomach nervous! He's a former marine now going into the army, and just has that sort of quiet, rough exterior and I thought for sure he was going to think I was a dork.

Guys, WHY WAS I SO NERVOUS?!? They are PERFECT together and giggly and he smiled and laughed and picked her up and kissed her and I mean are they not just a hawt couple?  I had nothing to worry about. They made this SO EASY.

And do you see this gorgeous girl's fashion sense? I trusted them completely in what they would wear and gave zero pointers. I'm so, so glad she brought this hat!

Oh my gosh...I am in love with these dreamy rose garden portraits...


He has this sort of Chris Hemsworth-cowboy thing going on, and is she not stunningly beautiful?

I love 'em so much. gah.

If you are wanting some portraits done, please, please, PLEASE consider BBG as a location because it's GORGEOUS!

James & Cindy: an intimate country club ceremony

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I have had the opportunity to know this bride, Cindy, for almost 10 years! I met her son and daughter in 10th grade and became fast friends with her eldest daughter, Amy. We spent many, MANY long hours staying up late, talking and watching movies in her home together. In some ways, I grew up in their home, and yes, I even met my husband at Cindy's house! So, when she offered me the job of photographing her small, intimate wedding, I was so honored. And of course I said YES!

First, this beautiful country club. Look at it! Decades of Birmingham history and elegance are wrapped up in these beautiful buildings. Cindy and James wanted this to be a very low-key, small, and intimate ceremony with only close family and friends.


I've gotta say, I am in love with this very vintage-feel navy dress Cindy picked:

Really, though, aren't they adorable? Cindy picked the elegant navy and pale-yellow theme and a group of about 25 guests were in attendance.

This sweet and simple ceremony took place in The Parlour in front of a beautiful fireplace. Then, guests simply walked over to the beautifully-arranged tables to eat an AMAZING dinner (and I know it was amazing because I got to eat it too--YUM!) of spinach salad, lobster bisque, steak and potatoes gratin, with the delicious cake from Dreamcakes for dessert!


Part-way through dinner, the bride's father spoke about his daughter and their life growing up. Here, a photo is passed around of young Cindy when they lived in Hawaii.

an adorable niece in attendance.
The thing about small and intimate ceremonies is that they're just so...right. A small event that is stress-free (and organized by the super professional BCC, too, of course) allows everyone to just relax and enjoy the day. This beautiful ceremony uniting Cindy and James was simply classic, beautiful, and a pleasure to be a part of!

Wedding colors: Navy and yellow
Wedding cake: Dreamcakes Bakery
Bride's dress: Nordstrom Rack
Venue: Birmingham Country Club


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