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August 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've read lots of other blogs where people share wonderfully beautiful photos of their day-to-day life: children running through a flowery backyard; raising chickens; knitting an afghan. My life isn't nearly so colorful or lovely (and my apartment not nearly so nicely-lit) but I thought I'd do my own version and enjoy my new 35mm f/1.4L dream lens. :)

There's a wonderful organization in my town called the Grace Klein Community. They are loving, generous, kind-hearted people that would do anything for anyone in the community. I had the opportunity to volunteer with them on Tuesday and help sort food for food donations. They donate food boxes. They have a veritable thrift-store of items they share, or donate, or trade with anyone. They support local churches and grow vegetables and chickens to help feed families. They love on people and even people who don't need or deserve it (like me..). With an overwhelming amount of day-old bread that they couldn't donate, volunteers took loaves home. They also practically forced a homegrown squash and pepper on me that I ate for dinner and were utterly delicious.

{Making bread pudding from stale bread chunks}

Various wine corks over the year that my husband and I have collected (obviously we're not big wine drinkers :-P) I've never been one for wine-themed decor but it just seems like a fun way to fill my pretty apothecary jar and it tells a story, in a way.

Cleaning out files.

A beautiful old quilt from a dear friend. I love, love old quilts and they're always a perfect backdrop for picnic-style shoots <3

"Swedish dish cloth". What?? It's a very thin towel-like sponge that dries hard but gets soft and scrubby when wet. And it has an owl on it.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender soap. I try to be economical and don't usually buy the name-brand soap that's all-natural-organicified grass-fed whatever...but I fell in love with the scent at the airbnb in Minneapolis and decided to splurge.

Pretty colorful wrap that belonged to my mom. <3 it.


And that's all for now :)



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