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Hannah & Lane: a couple's shoot

May 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Okay, I know you think I have to say that this was "one of my favorite portrait sessions ever," but, no really, this was one of the best portrait sessions ever.

Hannah asked me to take portraits of her and her husband "before he cuts off that gorgeous hair and goes back into the Service." We picked the Botanical Gardens and? Perfecto. Truthfully, I was nervous because I thought the gardens might not give us any creative locations to use since they're so popular; I've actually never done a session there (I regret this now!)

But the fact is, they're just utterly gorgeous, and we only used about 1/10 of what was available to us. We got 3-4 awesome spots and banged the whole thing out in 45 minutes. They are the perfect combo of sweet and bubbly and made quick and easy work of it...

The other truth is, I don't really know Lane that well, and I was super nervous.
Like, sick to my stomach nervous! He's a former marine now going into the army, and just has that sort of quiet, rough exterior and I thought for sure he was going to think I was a dork.

Guys, WHY WAS I SO NERVOUS?!? They are PERFECT together and giggly and he smiled and laughed and picked her up and kissed her and I mean are they not just a hawt couple?  I had nothing to worry about. They made this SO EASY.

And do you see this gorgeous girl's fashion sense? I trusted them completely in what they would wear and gave zero pointers. I'm so, so glad she brought this hat!

Oh my gosh...I am in love with these dreamy rose garden portraits...


He has this sort of Chris Hemsworth-cowboy thing going on, and is she not stunningly beautiful?

I love 'em so much. gah.

If you are wanting some portraits done, please, please, PLEASE consider BBG as a location because it's GORGEOUS!


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