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at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis
photo by my husband
My interest in photography started when I was about 12 years old. I was traipsing around a beautiful old abandoned school near my home with a friend. I had a 35mm film camera with tinkerbell stickers all over it, and I took a picture of a broken leaded window, high in the wall. When I got that image developed--boy, I loved it. I'm pretty sure I probably thought it was the most amazing picture I'd ever take, and I gave a framed copy to my friend's mother for always toting us around on our adventures (I'm pretty sure the only copy too-- sigh, my first piece of work probably lost forever to the sands of time...).
As silly as it was, that image has always stayed with me. I remember that window at the Salesian School in Goshen, and how mysterious and beautiful it was. I wanted to keep taking pictures that captured that--so I did (or tried to!)
Later, I saved up the most money my then-16-year-old self could conjure and bought a Canon Rebel XT with all the trimmings. I've since upgraded of course, but that camera was my baby. I took pictures everywhere. All. the. time. It was wonderful practice!
I even studied art at the University of Montevallo for a little while, and in 2013 I buckled down and made a facebook page (legit, y'all) and started doing weddings and senior portraits and mini sessions and... well, 5 years later, here we are!
There's a lot more to know about me too--like the fact that I love ice cream like mint chocolate chip and raspberry cheesecake; I have a psychotic cat and I occasionally paint or crochet; my dream vacation would be Hong Kong but I'm terrified of flying; I love hiking and geocaching with my husband and learning about local history and I HATE doing laundry because does it ever END?
I had a wonderful, sweet wedding in 2014 to my amazing husband, in a tiny white chapel at Tannehill State Park (be still my heart--I love tiny white country churches so much I would probably offer you a discount if you're getting married in one. SERIOUSLY).

My life has taken me from my birthplace in Texas to a stint in New York State, to here in Birmingham, Alabama. There's been joy and blessing in my family; there's been pain and heartbreak beyond belief, too. Graduation, weddings; the sudden death of my mother (who really planted the seed of photography and creativity in me from a young age) in 2013; It's indescribable. I truly believe God is the only reason I have survived the incredible lows I've experienced, and the only One to thank for anything good that has happened to me.
And, cheesy as it is - all those ups and downs of life make me think of the little blessing that is Photography. Little moments frozen in time that you're just. so. glad. you have after your loved one is gone...after the wedding is over...after the newborn is all grown. And if those moments happen to look artistically beautiful, too? That's great.