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So you're planning a wedding. If you're anything like I was, you may be pretty stressed out! I hope I can set your mind at ease! I'm here to answer any questions you have, and I want to make your wedding day photography as stress free as possible.

I like to have an in-person consultation with you before you book your wedding day. I just want to get to know you, & I want you to get to know me! It'll be fun, and I'll buy ya coffee. ;) We'll cover all sorts of stuff at your consultation like bridal party members, locations, details, contracts, important photos, timing, and lighting.

When you hire me as your photographer, you agree to let me provide you with input on your wedding day timeline, when and where certain photos should happen, and how available lighting should be used. Chances are, this is your first wedding you're planning! But I have experience in many, many weddings and I know just what works, and what doesn't.


I usually arrive at about 4.5 hours before ceremony time. I recommend all party, or at least the girls, being curled, lipglossed, & completely dressed around 4 hours before ceremony time. Yes, that's a big window, but it allows for enough time for beautiful, non-rushed portraits of everyone. Here's how it breaks down:

Getting ready: My assistant & I will arrive wherever hair + makeup is happening. We spend 20-30 minutes here, while also capturing photos of your location & special details like shoes, rings, handkerchief, etc.

Bride & Party: After everyone is ready, we move into bridal portraits & bridal party portraits. I recommend 30 minutes - 1 hour for this (depending on size of party)

Groom & Party: Next we photograph groom & groom party portraits. This can take place over 30 - 40 minutes

First look: Next, we do your first look (if you do one). 20 minutes is a good amount of time to capture all the sweet, intimate glory of the first look--& believe me, it'll be one of the best, heart-fluttery parts of your day.
Depending on your day, this is an area where we have some wiggle room--we can make it a quick 5 minutes & go right into combined bridal party portraits, or we can capture our photos and leave you two alone to bask in your fresh, wedding day glow for a while.

Bride & Groom: These are some of my favorite images to capture, & can be 10 minutes long, or, heck, an hour, if you've got the time. We can also sneak some during the reception, if time is short or you don't do a first look.

Combined Party: Just what it sounds like. We capture a few poses of your whole group. Like all the above portraits, we will likely want to take advantage of outside lighting for these if possible. This can be 20-45 minutes depending on the size of your party & how many poses you desire.

Family Portraits: Combined family, bride's side, & groom's side can happen here. Family portraits will vary wildly on the size of your family, & I recommend keeping the groupings short & simple. Inform your family where & when they need to arrive. If you have specific groupings you want, ensure they're all aware--& make sure we've discussed this beforehand.*

Break time: I complete all portraits about 30 minutes before ceremony start time to give everyone time to relax, freshen up, and hide away.

Ceremony: My assistant & I will thoughtfully & quietly move around the ceremony area as we document each moment. Certain venues have rules about where photographers can stand; we should all be aware of these beforehand.


No first look
After Ceremony Portraits:
We will do combined family + bridal party portraits after the ceremony.
Combined family: We'll do groupings from larger-to-smaller. 10-20 minutes, then family are released to reception.
Combined party: A few quick poses of your whole party here! 10-15 minutes. Again, if the day allows, we will try to take all portraits in lovely outdoor light.
Bride + Groom: 5-10 minutes


Reception: And it's time to party! My assistant & I will stay in the background, getting every cake-cuttin', dancin', toast-givin' moment, right up to your exit. Ta-da! You're married!

After: Within 2 weeks you will have a large preview of photos, & your remaining package will be delivered to you within 8 weeks of your wedding day.


*Family portraits: This is where organization and communication really matter! Family portraits can sometimes be the "craziest" part of the wedding day. ;) I usually follow a pattern of larger-to-smaller: Bride, groom + all extended. Bride, groom + immediate family + grandparents. Bride, groom + immediate family. Bride, groom, grandparents. Bride, groom, parents. Bride, groom, siblings. The same ordering for just bride and just groom's sides.