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Instax Mini Fun!

June 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Would you check out this sweet little pair of pastel pink cameras? and how about that string of perfectly tiny pictures?

These are Fujifilm Instax Minis...and I love them! I've taken this little camera on adventures to the mountains, to the beach, and to the city. It's so awesome to snap a quick pic and immediately hold it in your hands! Printing pictures is taken for granted these days...and these little cuties do all the work for you. And guess what?

Now you can have them at your wedding! I'm offering a new add-on feature for my wedding clients: the instax mini fun pack.

The package will include all-day use of both cameras, and six 10-packs of film.

These cameras are SUCH a fun treat to have at your reception! Save money on the photo booth and set these out for your guests to pass around at the reception! Enjoy sweet (or crazy) candids from your guests' perspective, that they can take home as party favors. Or, set out a scrapbook for them to fill up, for a unique and photo-filled guestbook!

I seriously think there are so many fun ideas you could do with these! Give 'em to the bridal party to catch some extra backstage action. Or run some ribbon through a frame with teeny clothespins and let your guests hang them up at the reception: instant cute decor! What would YOU do?

Contact me to find out how to book wedding day photography with Spark Photography and add on the instax minis! <3



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