Mindy Ransom(non-registered)
Had an amazing wedding day and can't wait to see the beautiful pictures captured by our amazing photographer and assistant!
Hannah Ezell(non-registered)
It has been nine months since my photo session with Spark Photography. In that time I have moved, lost a computer and my world has spun all around. Diana was fantastic when I came to her with the terrible news that I lost my photos and wondered if I could download them again. She made everything a snap. Now my house will be covered in the absolutely stunning photos she did of my husband and I. I remember our photo session time was amazing, but my heart melts at the moments she caught. I'm going to love sharing these pictures for years to come. These pictures are the best investment we've ever made and I hope to get back with her for more in the future!
Do yourself a favor and book Diana soon!
John Snow(non-registered)
Great stuff!
You are my favorite photographer and your work is so beautiful. I also just read your "About Me" and it is the best "About Me" I have ever read on a website. Ever.
Hannah Ezell(non-registered)
Natalie Short(non-registered)
Loved our family/maternity photo shoot <3
Brittany Collar(non-registered)
Love your work!
Ashley Tevebaugh(non-registered)
I'm so proud of you! You are doing such an awesome job and love love the pictures!
Amanda little(non-registered)
Love your unique work! Wonderful photos!
Darlene Beanblossom(non-registered)
Love your pix!
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