Savannah & John's back-country northeast Alabama autumn campground wedding

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Ok, can I tell you about Savannah and John's wedding day? It was amazing. It was perfect. Even as an outsider, I could tell this day was the culmination of months and years of love, friendship, family, memories, all tied together and exploding into this amazing celebration. I want to say 'heartwarming,' but that sounds cheesy, but guys... it was heartwarming.

It was deep in the woods and hills of northeastern Alabama -- a land so close to my heart.
It was at Camp ToKnowHim, with cabins and woods and lakes and an amphitheater on a bluff overlooking a river WHERE THEY SAID THEIR VOWS AT THE MOMENT OF SUNSET. Yeah, read that again. Chills.

Some of the highlights for me were (and I'm narrowing them down) -- hearing Savannah and her bridesmaids talk about staying on the campground the night before. They camped out and looked at the millions of stars you can see, way out there.

The amazing potluck-style dessert table with cakes, fudge, cookies, banana pudding, and more.

The sweetest, and I mean SWEETEST trio of flower girls who adored Savannah with every fiber of their being.

Hundreds of tiny succulents littering the tables and serving as sweet party favors.

Catching the most perfect golden, bright, glittering sun rays as we photographed Savannah and her bridal party in the woodsy-brush before the ceremony.

THOSE. FLOWERS. They were explosively gorgeous and Savannah didn't even find out till wedding day that there was a problem with the first florist and her mom swooped in and saved the day {like only a mom can} at the last minute finding a back up florist (and Lula Belle's BROUGHT IT.)

And the best moment? The best best best moment happened at the reception, but you'll have to wait and scroll down to read about that! ;)

Ok, this is the part where you gotta pause. Because this? this just might be the most amazing "toast" that two sisters have ever crafted at any wedding, ever.

Savannah really wanted her wedding & reception to be kid-friendly. There was a kids' area upstairs with games, crafts, and toys. As the reception kicked off and the best man finished his toast, Savannah's sisters took the stage. The brought out some cozy blankets and invited all the kids to come up on the steps and join them for a "story time" since it was getting close to their bedtime. What on earth was happening??

Then they brought out the book--"Horton Hears A Who". You see, Savannah's new last name is Horton. And as they read the book aloud to the audience, we realized this wasn't the original version of the classic! They had rewritten most of the lines to fit Savannah and John's story - how they met, fell and love, and he proposed. They snuck it seamlessly into the rhyming rhythm of the original story.
No one had expected it (especially the bride and groom). When they finished their story the applause was deafening. I was stuck somewhere between laughter and tears as her sisters hugged Savannah and handed over their "customized" book. I wish I could remember some of the lines, but I will never, ever forget what an incredible moment this was!

Phew. Yeah, it was amazing. Alright, you may continue:

Savannah, John, you guys were amazing. Thanks for letting me be there.

Camp ToKnowHIm
Camp ToKnowHim
Lula Belle's Moulton
Bridal Path
Jos. A Bank


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