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You're getting married! This is gonna be one exciting, wonderful day. And I hope I get to be a part of it.

Just looking at my page is one tiny step. There's so much information out there & so much to do. And you may be pretty stressed out.

So if you're wondering how it's all gonna play out, read on.



First, let's talk. E-mail me. Text me. Call me. Ask me questions. I'll ask you some, too! I want to know lots about you, your wedding, how you guys met, your colors & themes & food . . . 
Then, let's meet. Coming soon to a Starbucks near you ;)
We'll talk nitty gritty details; names & figures & timelines & stuff. The timeline is a biggie, & I'll help direct you on what time is needed for what photos & where.
Third . . . we wait. So keep on planning, & celebrating, &  whatever - ing. But keep me updated! Call me anytime, let me know if names & colors & ideas change.

In the week before the wedding, we'll touch base again. I'll answer any questions and get up-to-date on any changes. And guess what? The next time we meet, you'll probably be curling hair or twiddling with mascara.


Okay...Wedding Day. My assistant & I will show up whenever (& wherever) hair-makeup are starting. On average, I show up at least 6 hours before ceremony start time. We sneak back & forth from the girls & the boys to get all the bridal party getting ready... and we do details, decor, location around this time, too.

Once y'all are dressed we go full speed into the 'formal' portraits. The layout from here basically depends on whether you have a 'First Look' or not.

If you do a First Look, we sneak the B&G off somewhere. Someplace beautiful & sweet. The moment happens & I'm quietly (& gleefully!) snapping away from a distance. We take some time here because these are special photos. You two will have several minutes together to talk, hold hands, & relax. Then I'll leave B&G alone for a bit while I gather the rest of the gang.

Then we do B&G + bridal party + groomsmen, combined and separate. Then family steps in.

We do ALL the portraits before the ceremony and get them out of the way! You can relax and freshen up and be *done* with the formal portraits. Off to the I do's!

{From there on out, I get to stay out of your way & document the ceremony, reception, & everything that happens. Often, the B&G can sneak off for another quiet moment & a few post-ceremony photos before they're announced at the reception locale}

If you decided not to do a First Look, we'll do as many party & family pictures as we can with the bride. Then we hide her away and get the groom and his groomsmen, then the groom and his family. We also take some time for bridal portraits if able.

Then we go into ceremony as planned. Post-ceremony, all the party & families have been instructed to hang out for about 45 minutes. I keep the family & party configurations simple & fast. We do all the combined bridal party pictures, group family pictures, & also some sweet bride + groom shots if we have time. Then--party time!


After the wedding, I'll post a sneak peek in less than a week or two.
Then, you get a big preview of your photos, 3-4 weeks after your wedding.
You can expect all your photos in the online gallery and flashdrive in about 8 weeks! I'll give you instructions on ordering prints & I'll always be here to help with the ordering & printing, if you need it.

So, sound good? It's gonna be so great. I look forward to meeting you!

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